The new Doctor Who is a woman


The latest regeneration of Doctor Who is a woman, played by Jodie Whittaker.

The actress is best known for her role as Beth Latimer on Broadchurch (a really good mystery, especially the first season).  She played the bereaved mother, co-starring with David Tennant, a former Doctor Who.

In the series, the character of the time-and-space traveling Time Lord regenerates every time he dies.  That is, every time the actor playing Doctor Who quits the show or is replaced.  This will be the 13th Doctor.

Whovians [what you call Doctor Who fans], do you mind the character being played by a woman?

Obviously, gender politics is a factor with BBC, but can this work in terms of the ongoing story?

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50 years of Doctor Who

The 50th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who, BBC’s quirky Science Fiction series whose main character can regenerate with new actors, was celebrated with a special episode simulcast around the world, which came on here in the colonies at 2:50 ET.  The episode was quite ingenious.  See outtakes from reviews after the jump.

Surely there are lots of readers of this blog who are also Doctor who fans.  What’s your take on the special?  the series after 50 years?  Who is your favorite Doctor?  (The definitive Doctor for me was Tom Baker, who had an important cameo at the end–as the Curator–but who, I suspect, was not even recognized by younger fans.  Or are fans so fanatical that they know all of the doctors? If you are young, did you know who the Curator is?) [Read more…]