More on the banned Down syndrome video

Boy_with_Down_SyndromeWe blogged about that video showing happy Down Syndrome children that was banned by the French government on the grounds that it might “disturb the conscience” of women who have had abortions.  (You can see the video at the link.)

George Will, who has a Down son, weighs in on the issue, explaining the origin of the video (which was made to reassure new parents) and making the point that this is a case of extending the concept of protection from being disturbed associated with college campuses to the general public.  He closes with a strong pro-life message.

Notice also in this account of banning factual information who is being “post-truth.”

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Banning video of happy Downs children

France has banned the showing of this video on French television on the grounds that showing happy, smiling children with Down Syndrome might “disturb the conscience” of women who have had abortions.

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Saving a Down child from abortion

Here is a rather inspiring story about the use of social media and lots of people stepping up to save a child with Down syndrome from being aborted. [Read more…]