And now, the nature rights movement 

Main_Ganga_river,_before_the_Bhimgoda_barrage,_HaridwarThe language of “rights” tends to win all arguments.  There are “human rights.”  These include “women’s rights,” “minority rights,” “gay rights.”  Then people started asserting “animal rights.”  A new strategy for some environmentalists is to assert “nature rights.”

In a recent victory for that movement, a river in New Zealand held sacred to the Maoris has been legally declared a “person.”  Similarly, a court in India declared that for the purposes of law the Ganges river, sacred to the Hindus, is also a “person.”

This is an odd accommodation for secular governments to be so deferential to religions.  But the impetus is not so much religious as environmentalist.  Wesley J. Smith, who writes about these developments (read him after the jump), quotes an environmental defense organization that is behind other attempts to claim “rights” for other “natural communities,” such as mountains, streams, and forests.

For an overview of this movement, see the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature website.  The nation of Ecuador has formally codified the rights of nature.

Smith points out the painful irony of affirming the personhood of rivers while denying the personhood of unborn children.  Similarly, some of the same people who are sympathetic to the rights of mountains and forests are opposing human rights to religious liberty, freedom of speech, and others principles of the Bill of Rights (such as the right to keep firearms).  And they are insisting on “nature rights” while rejecting “natural law.” [Read more…]

“We’re the ones that are going to start contaminating the water.”

Dakota_Access_Pipeline_-Elder_Addressing_Crowd-Thousands of protesters joined the Standing Rock Sioux to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.  They were trying to stop an oil pipeline because it crossed sacred lands and for fear that it would pollute the Missouri River.  The protests led President Obama to stop the pipeline, but President Trump has approved it.

Now the protesters are gone.  But the environmentalists, so insistent on preserving a pristine natural environment, have left behind some 48 million tons of garbage.  They also abandoned some of their pets.

But the biggest urgency is that the amount of human waste and toxic material left behind threatens to pollute the Missouri River! [Read more…]

New Zealand’s animal kill-off

[Read more…]

Pope connects gender ideology to economic exploitation

Pope Francis connected the new gender ideology, according to which children can choose their own gender, to economic exploitation, colonialism, and the destruction of the environment.  What they have in common is the rejection of Creation, both of nature and of human beings made in God’s image. [Read more…]

“Pleasant to the sight”

In our Bible class, we were studying stewardship.  I know, not the most exciting of topics, but this one was really interesting, beginning with the Creation and making the point that God is the true owner of all things, which, He, however, gives to us to manage.  We looked at Genesis 2:9 and were asked what were the two purposes that God had for the trees in Eden:

And out of the ground the Lord God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.  (Genesis 2:9)

“Good for food” I knew.  But I had never noticed the other quality:  The trees were to be “pleasant to the sight.”  That is to say, God made the trees to be beautiful.  Thus beauty and aesthetic considerations are part of God’s design in His creation. [Read more…]

Has climate change killed the aliens?

In this vast universe, say many scientists, surely intelligent life has evolved elsewhere.  So where is it?  A new theory is being put forward:  the aliens are all dead.  This is because, in the course of evolution, when intelligent life advances to the industrial level, it inevitably causes climate change that causes its species to become extinct. [Read more…]