Abortionist on “euthanizing” the baby

485887741_47b1ffc999_zAn abortion clinic in Albuquerque will abort a baby at any stage through all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy.

An undercover call recorded one of the abortionists offering to abort a child at 30 weeks–7 and a half months, old enough to survive outside the womb.

And the procedure would be to first “euthanize” the baby–showing the abortionists know exactly what they are doing, in killing an actual child–then induce labor, so that the mother gives birth to a stillborn infant (so that the mother “has the baby” after all). [Read more…]

Starving patients to death

starvation_by_ivnkadsyra-d4f57bcEuthanasia laws have a way of expanding.  Once a society accepts the concept that sick people should be “put out of their misery,” the benefit can be applied ever more broadly–to those who are not terminally ill, just depressed; to people who cannot give consent; to the mentally handicapped; to children.  What begins as a humane-sounding way to end heart-breaking suffering, to be used only in rare and carefully defined cases, turns into something ever-more brutal.

Oregon legalized assisted suicide in 1997.  A new law would allow caregivers to deny food to those who have written an advance-care directive allowing for non-treatment.  Not just intravenous nutrition, but actual eating and drinking, even if the patient is hungry and wants to eat. [Read more…]

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Neil_Gorsuch_10th_CircuitPresident Donald Trump has nominated Colorado appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the late Antonin Scalia.  Reportedly, Judge Gorsuch is from that same mold:  eloquent, learned, articulate, and an “originalist” when it comes to interpreting the Constitution.

He is the author of a book against euthanasia and supported Hobby Lobby in its suit against the Obamacare birth control mandate.  An Anglican, he would be the only Protestant on the bench, joining the 5 Catholics and 3 Jews currently serving.  He is only 49, which means he would be on the court for a good long time.

Democrats began planning their opposition tactics before they even knew who was the nominee.  Some are urging that that Senate Democrats filibuster the nomination.  Republicans are saying that if that happens, they would take the “nuclear option” of voting to change the rules to limit filibusters, changing the Senate’s time-honored tradition of unlimited debate. [Read more…]

Euthanizing alcoholics

3756149417_5d17dda4c3_oA man in the Netherlands was euthanized because he was an alcoholic.

The story excerpted and linked after the jump gives a vivid and tragic description of what happened.

The Netherlands changed the law to allow for physician assisted suicide in cases not just of terminal illness but of “unbearable suffering,” which includes personal and psychological unhappiness.  In another recent case, the victim of sexual abuse was euthanized because of her trauma.

So the hurting are assisted in killing themselves rather than giving them help and support.

[Read more…]

Euthanizing the mentally ill

Assisted Suicide laws usually have a provision specifying that a person must be “mentally competent” in order to make the decision to die.  But California’s new euthanasia law allows for the assisted suicide of patients who are so mentally ill that they have been institutionalized. [Read more…]

Our nation’s capital votes for physician-assisted suicide

The City Council of the District of Columbia has passed a measure to allow physician-assisted suicide.  It needs another vote and the mayor’s signature to become law.  But Ryan T. Anderson has written an eloquent critique of the bill, emphasizing what euthanasia does to the medical profession and to the society that approves of it. [Read more…]