Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Mx.?

Our culture has arrived at a transgender moment.

“The end of gender is near,” says Robin Givens, the Washington Post fashion critic.

Menswear designers are on a mission to eradicate it. Some are going full bore, wielding lace shirts and floppy, grandma blouses like cultural grenades. Others are taking a stealth approach, quietly chiseling away the boundaries between masculinity and femininity through non-traditional retail, models and silhouettes.

And a Post advice columnist answers a question about when to use the transgender title “Mx.”  Some are saying that we should just use it for everyone. But don’t use it for Caitlyn Jenner, who is a woman. [Read more…]

Pastoral beards

Pastors these days like to wear beards.  So says Leadership Journal, published by Christianity Today, whose blog shows the various styles preferred by various kinds of pastors.  I reproduce them here, adding also a distinctly Lutheran kind of beard. [Read more…]

What’s in; what’s out

The fashion mavens at the Washington Post have put up their annual list of What’s in and What’s out for 2010. Understand that the list is highly tongue-in-cheek and meant to be humorous. Still, it suggests some signs of the times.

True, we old people–defined as anyone married with children and so properly oblivious to fashion–will not know what many of these things even are. But ironically the feature itself suggests a development that is more significant than any of the items listed. If you just read the print story, many if not most of the references are probably going to be incomprehensible. But if you go online, as to the link above, you will find links to explanations. OUT: Print journalism. IN: Online journalism. But a few tidbits:

OUT: Twihards; IN: Randroids [referring to “Twilight” fans and Ayn Rand fans]

OUT: Detroit auto companies; IN: Detroit artist colonies [What the city is trying to promote in all those vacant buildings.]

OUT: Latin fusion; IN: Latin Mass

OUT: Drug tests; IN: Gender tests

OUT: Ripped abs; IN: Ripped jeans

OK, now your turn. fashion mavens that you are in your own way. What trends of the last year (or decade) do you think are now so last year (or so last decade)? What trends do you see coming?

Me first: OUT: Megachurches; IN: Microchurches