Trump and the FBI

agent-1294795_640FBI director James Comey told the House Intelligence Committee that an active investigation is underway into Russian involvement with the U.S. election, including whether or not there was collusion with the Trump campaign.

Comey also dismissed President Trump’s charges that the Obama administration was eavesdropping on Trump Tower.

The testimony brought back an issue that seemed to be fading, since no evidence has surfaced that Trump or any of his people conspired with the Russians.  But does the FBI have that evidence?

Nor has evidence surfaced that Trump’s campaign was bugged.  And yet the president keeps insisting that it happened anyway.  That could have been part of an FBI probe, but House and Senate investigators have found no trace of such a thing.

Democrats might feel bolstered by Comey’s testimony, but they are also angry and frustrated.  Comey said the investigation of Russian involvement in Trump’s campaign began last July.  That summer Comey revealed that Hillary Clinton was under investigation for her illegal emails.  He didn’t mention that he was also investigating Trump. [Read more…]

How to interrogate a terrorist

Interesting piece from the BBC about how the FBI conducts interrogations of terrorist suspects.  And it doesn’t involve torture. [Read more…]