FBI investigating Trump & Russia

In addition to investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mail arrangements, the FBI has been investigating possible ties between Donald Trump and his campaign with Russia.  At issue are the hacked Democratic communications that have been traced to Russia, financial connections between former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Russia, Russia as the source of the Wikileak e-mails, and an apparent connection between Trump’s computer server and a Russian server.

But the FBI has found nothing.  Democrats, though, reeling from the FBI investigations of Clinton, are insisting that the bureau make public what they have on the Russian connection.

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FBI’s bogus forensics

The public loves the television cop shows about crime-solving by means of  forensic science.  But we might want to reconsider the popularity of all of those CSI series.  The FBI is now admitting that over 95% of the forensic evidence from human hair over  two decades was mistaken.  These revelations affect hundreds of cases, including 32 death sentences and 14 defendants who have been executed or died in prison. [Read more…]

How the FBI uses hackers and malware

The FBI has some new crime-fighting technology in its collective utility belt.  FBI-employed hackers can now infect suspects’ computers with malware that will allow investigators to download whatever they might find.

This process, which still requires a court order, takes wiretapping to a new level. [Read more…]