How Trump is reshaping the federal courts

usa-2018855_640Conservatives are happy about Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court.  But President Trump also has an unusually high number of vacancies throughout the federal court system.  And he is nominating conservative judges to fill them.

Reader DonS, who, I believe, is an attorney, drew our attention to this fact in his comment on a recent post.   He said, “I favored Trump over Clinton for one main reason — the courts. Today, Trump is unveiling his first big group of judicial nominees, and they are awesome! He is exceeding my expectations in this very important area.”

Details on those nominations after the jump.

This could be a significant and long-lasting legacy of Trump’s presidency. [Read more…]

Court strikes down Obama’s amnesty decrees

A federal appeals court struck down President Obama’s use of executive orders to implement his amnesty program for illegal immigrants. [Read more…]

No state ban on gay marriage has been upheld

A federal judge overturned Virginia’s state constitution that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.  The story, linked after the jump, points out that thus far federal judges have thrown out ALL state bans on gay marriage where the issue has been litigated.  The Supreme Court threw out the Defense of Marriage Act in part, it was said, because that imposes a federal law that prevents states from deciding what they want marriage to be, saying that such issues should be left up to the states.  But in reality, states are not allowed by federal courts to determine their marriage laws at all. [Read more…]