A new Bible translation

A new Bible translation has been published:  The Christian Standard Bible.

This is a thorough scholarly revision of the Holman Standard Bible.  It’s published by LifeWay, the Southern Baptist publisher, but the new version reportedly has had input from scholars from 17 different denominations, including Lutheran, and the translation was scrutinized for any denominational bias.

The new version employs what it calls an “Optimal Equivalence” approach to translation, rendering sentences literally except for when they would be confusing for modern readers, in which case a more dynamic equivalent approach is used.

You can read the Christian Standard Bible online.  Here are some verse comparisons

For more information, go to the website.  Check out the FAQs.

What do you think about this translation?  I’ll give you some of my thoughts after the jump.

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From a little eggcorn. . . .

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Benching sports metaphors

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