Freedom of worship or freedom of religion?

The citizen test given by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services speaks of “freedom of worship.”  Senator James Lankford (R, OK) has been trying to get the agency to change the test and the study materials so that they refer to the “freedom of religion.”  The agency has finally agreed to do so.

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“Freedom of Religion” vs. “Freedom of Worship”?

Some human rights and religious freedom activists have noted that President Obama and the State Department are referring to the “freedom of worship” rather than the “freedom of religion.”  They worry that this is toning down our country’s traditional stand for human rights.  “Freedom of religion” includes beliefs and practices, whereas “freedom of worship” can refer to just the right to meet together to pray.  Under this construction, still-Communist China and Muslim countries could permit Christians to gather together for worship services, but not allow them to evangelize, teach their faith publicly, or assert their beliefs in the public square.

Is this shift in language something to be concerned about?

For the issue and what people are saying about it, see Why is Obama Changing “Freedom of Religion” to “Freedom of Worship”? | NewsReal Blog.

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