What we learn from John Podesta’s emails

The emails regarding Hillary Clinton being released by Wikileaks are not from her illegal secret server that she used as Secretary of State.  Rather, they are hacks of the emails of John Podesta, her campaign chairman and longtime henchman.

In them, Podesta and scores of campaign operatives and other correspondents discuss things like the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation, how to co-opt Bernie Sanders and his supporters, collusion with journalists, and other topics embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton and other Democrats.

After the jump is an account of a remarkable exchange in which Podesta writes about subverting Catholicism so as to make it accord with the Progressive cause. [Read more…]

“You need both a public and a private position”

Some of Hillary Clinton’s hacked e-mails released by Wikileaks include transcripts of paid speeches she gave to big corporations.  What she says in those confidential closed-door speeches–for example, calling for open borders and more free trade, saying the banks aren’t really responsible for the 2009 financial collapse–is often at odds with what she says in her presidential campaign.

Remarkably, one speech quite frankly explains the discrepancy.  She says, “you need both a public and a private position.”  One for public consumption and the other for what you really believe.  So she is admitting that what she tells voters is not what she is actually going to do!

At every debate, every interview, every campaign speech, every time she opens her mouth, someone should ask her, “Is that your public or your private position?”

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What to say about the debate?

It’s being called “the ugliest debate in American history.”  And I missed it! Due to one thing and another, I ended up missing this historical event.

So how was it?  How effectively did Donald Trump deal with that videotape?  How effectively did HIllary Clinton deal with Trump’s videotape and her own leaked e-mails?  What impact do you think this debate will have on the race?

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Make the Hyde Amendment permanent 

Even the majority of those who believe in abortion agree that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for it.  The Hyde Amendment, which was passed 40 years ago last week, prevents taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions.  The problem is, it has to be approved every year.

In the past, this has always received routine bipartisan support.  But today pro-abortion militants are targeting the amendment, so it is losing Democratic support.  In fact, Hillary Clinton is calling for ending the Hyde Amendment.  She wants taxpayers to foot the bill for killing unborn children.

There is a measure before Congress to make the Hyde Amendment permanent.  Oklahoma Senator James Lankford writes about that after the jump. [Read more…]

Liveblog the debate right here

Use the comments at this post to react to this first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I will be doing so, assuming my plane gets in on time.

UPDATE:  I made it, with 7 minutes to spare!  I don’t like either candidate, so I can be objective.  Or maybe biased against both of them.  Maybe that amounts to the same thing.  Let’s go. . .

Tonight’s great debate

Tonight at 9:00 ET, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will debate each other.  The event will be televised on all major networks.

Right now, the race is pretty much even.  This will be the first time voters will get to see both of the candidates side by side and assess how they measure up.  For all of the policy talk, voters will be especially interested in the intangibles:  Will HIllary manage to come off as likeable?  Will Donald come across as presidential?  What outrageous things will be said and what will be their effect?  An unusually large television audience is projected for the debate.

I’ve been on the road last week, but my plane should get in on time to let me liveblog the debate.  If I’m not here yet, go on without me,  Watch the debate with your laptop on your lap.  I’ll have a post up (different from this one).  Write your reactions, analysis, and witticisms as comments.  I’ll join in when and if I can. [Read more…]