Top 5 religion and politics stories so far

The Religious News Service, not being able to wait for the New Year, issued a list of the top 5 religious and politics stories so far.  It is very telling.  I post the topics after the jump.  Go to the link for details about each one.

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Voting for Hillary under the Hamilton Rule

Some Never Trump conservatives are saying they will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  Not that they like Clinton.  They are invoking what they call the “Hamilton Rule” from the founder who, in opposing fellow Federalist John Adams, said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

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Trump sweeps 5 primaries; Clinton takes 3

How to go after guns despite the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights protects the right of Americans to own firearms.  But liberals have come up with a way to restrict gun ownership anyway:  the time-honored power of the federal government to impose taxes on things it disapproves of.

A U.S. territory is adding a $1,000 tax for every firearm.  Chicago and Seattle are trying this on a much smaller scale.  This tactic was first proposed in 1993 by Hillary Clinton.  [Read more…]

Trump and Clinton take New York

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton haven’t been doing so well lately, but that changed with big wins in the state both candidates call home.

Trump was projected to be the winner with 61% of the vote, with John Kasich getting 25% and Ted Cruz getting 15%.  (Voters there didn’t like Cruz’s slur against Trump’s “New York values.”  Lesson:  If you are running for office, don’t insult anyone you want to vote for you.  Then again, New York values tend not to favor Cruz’s brand of conservatism anyway.)

If Trump gets 50% in all of the state’s 27 congressional districts (something we won’t know for awhile), he may walk away with all 95 delegates, making it all the harder for the Republicans convention to deny him the nomination on the first ballot.

Among the Democrats, Clinton won 58% to Bernie Sanders’ 42%.  (See this for why he did so poorly in this extremely liberal state.)   [Read more…]

The new Clinton, not like the old Clinton

When Bill Clinton ran for president, you might remember, he was the leader of “the new Democrats,” a group that rejected old style Democratic liberalism in favor of centrist, pragmatic policies.  Among his accomplishments as president were welfare reform, the NAFTA free trade agreement, and a tough anti-crime bill.

Also, Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (whose language now in state bills draws protests and vilification from Democrats); the Defense of Marriage Act (which allows states to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and which does not require states to recognize other states’ gay marriages); repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act (which may have been a bad idea for allowing banks to pursue other commercial ventures); a bill to permit charter schools; a bill to lower the Capital Gains tax, etc., etc.

As Charles Krauthammer reminds us, Hillary Clinton rejects all of those policies of her husband.   [Read more…]