How Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall

We had wondered how Donald Trump would get Mexico to pay for the wall along the border to keep out illegal immigrants.  Trump, who will be meeting with the President of Mexico next week, has released his plan.

He will tell Mexican officials that unless they pay $5-10 billion for the wall, he will cut off the money that immigrants send home.  That comes to around $25 billion, and is crucial to the Mexican economy.  If Mexico gives that one-time payment, he says, the cash could continue “to flow into their country year after year.”

Set aside, for a moment, the element of extortion and theft.  Set aside the question of whether the government should have the right to confiscate people’s money or control what they do with it.  Also set aside the enormous increase in the power of the presidency necessary to suspend the law so that he could do this by executive order.

I thought Trump was going to send back all of the illegal immigrants!  How could their payments “flow into their country year after year”?  If the immigrants will all be gone, as Trump promised, what will be the incentive for Mexico to pony up the money?  It almost sounds as if Trump hasn’t been telling the truth about his immigration policy. [Read more…]

Trump now says he is “softening” his position on immigration

Donald Trump is drawing back from the hardline position on immigration that brought him lots of primary voters.  He now says that he is open to “softening” immigration laws, expressing sympathy for immigrants who have been here for over a decade.  His earlier statement that he would deport all illegal immigrants seems to be off the table.

His “exact” immigration policy will be released possibly next week, but what has come out so far makes him sound like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz, all of whom he pilloried on this issue.  See this response from the Cruz camp.

Do you think this is a sign of Trump’s growing realism, compassion, and “becoming presidential,” or is it a betrayal of his earlier voters?  Is this a welcome moderation from his earlier extremism, or does it show that Trump is just another politician after all?  Would a shift on immigration make you more or less willing to vote for him? [Read more…]

Importing illiberalism

David Harsanyi asks, referring to the technical word for free societies, “Why is it that so many of the same people who are skeptical about exporting liberalism (count me as one) are perfectly content with the idea of importing illiberalism?”

[Read more…]

Court strikes down Obama’s amnesty decrees

A federal appeals court struck down President Obama’s use of executive orders to implement his amnesty program for illegal immigrants. [Read more…]

Birth tourism

Children born inside the borders of the United States are automatically American citizens.  This has created a practice known as “birth tourism,” in which pregnant women from other countries come to the United States to give birth, thus giving the baby American citizenship.  This has become a major industry in China.  But the reason is not just easy immigration when the child grows up.  The Chinese are using the practice to sidestep the “one child” policy, which requires forced abortion if a couple has more than one child.  If the second child is an American, the policy does not apply. [Read more…]

Judge halts Obama’s amnesty order

A federal judge stopped President Obama’s executive order that certain of the nation’s immigration laws not be enforced.  The ruling was in response to a lawsuit by 26 states.  The stay is temporary, pending the outcome of the case.  The White House said that it would appeal. [Read more…]