Indonesia convicts Christian governor of blasphemy

388px-Wakil_Gubernur_DKI_Basuki_TPA court in Indonesia has found the governor of Jakarta, a Christian, guilty of blasphemy and sentenced him to two years in prison.

His crime?  He said in an election campaign that his opponents were deceiving people by saying that the Q’uran teaches that Muslims should not be led by non-Muslims.

This apparent questioning of the Q’uran sparked riots and an indictment against him.  The court drew on the statements of an Islamist radical as an expert witness.

The conviction is evidence that radical Muslims are becoming more and more influential in Indonesia, which has a large Christian minority (including some six million Lutherans).


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The jihadists’ “Mein Kampf”

Foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius draws attention to a book published in 2004 that reads like a playbook of radical jihadists.  The Management of Savagery by Abu Bakr Naji calls for a strategy of drawing America into paralyzing wars and using shocking violence as a way to expose the weakness of the West and to bring Muslims into the cause. [Read more…]

Setback for Islamic radicals?

The overthrow of the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, by the military after popular protests demanding his ouster, is being described as a setback for Islamic radicalism.  Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a party that has done much to popularize political Islam throughout the world.  So should we be glad about the coup as a defeat of our Islamist enemies or oppose it as a setback for Democracy? [Read more…]