Jeb Bush quits the race!

Jeb Bush has dropped out of the Republican presidential race. [Read more…]

Jeb Bush formally joins the race

Jeb Bush made it official yesterday, becoming the 11th candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency.  Is there any way, rightly or wrongly, that the Republicans would nominate or the public would elect a third  president named Bush? [Read more…]

GOP establishment wooing Jeb Bush

A number of Republican leaders and donors–motivated by pragmatism and looking for a candidate who is moderate enough to actually win the next presidential election–are trying to persuade Jeb Bush to run.  Of course, these are the same win-at-any-cost pragmatists who gave us Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Whatever the virtues of Jeb Bush, the Bush “brand” is surely a liability, and choosing candidates from a family dynasty is surely a monarchical instinct and unworthy of a free republic.  (The same holds true for Clintons and Kennedys.)  Or am I missing something? [Read more…]