Jokes about race and sex are out, so religion takes their place

bully-624747_640In the culture of the workplace, it is now taboo to make jokes about race.  Nor can you make jokes about ethnicity.  Nor can you make jokes about disabilities.  Now you can no longer make jokes about sex.  Or gender.  So what can you make jokes about?  Religion.

Those now forbidden attempts at humor at other people’s expense were part of the pattern of bullying and harassment that sometimes took place at work.  Sexist humor often offended women in the office.  Now religious people are feeling the harassment.

So says a British study, reported on after the jump.  Do you think this is happening in the United States as well?  Why do you think workers–usually, ironically, in the jolly spirit of camaraderie–feel they have to find a class of people to target?  [Read more…]


Remember jokes? Brief little stories with a funny ending? It seems to me that people don’t tell jokes any more like they used to. Instead they make snide remarks. Even comedians don’t tell jokes much today. Instead they make wry observations and tell about their experiences. So to kick off our Saturday blog, let’s bring back the art form of the joke. What jokes do you know? Ground rules: No jokes that are dirty, demeaning, or offensive. We want to help our president bring America together and banish the national gloom. So, take it away. . . .