Another Korean War?

war-memorial-516060_640President Trump brought all 100 Senators to the White House for a high level military briefing on the situation in North Korea.  That, combined with further military buildups in the area and talks with South Korea, underscores the seriousness of the tensions between the United States and North Korea over that country’s nuclear program.

Does this mean war is imminent?  Or at least a pre-emptive strike against Kim Jong-Un’s missile program?

Probably not, according to an unnamed White House source.  Trump reportedly told the Senators that China is finally co-operating with the United States in bringing pressure to bear against the Communist regime.

But the situation is serious.  Within three years, Kim Jong-Un should have the capability to launch an intercontinental nuclear missile against the United States, and Trump is resolved not to let North Korea have that capability.

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North Korea threatens war, maybe today or tomorrow

North Korea has threatened to nuke Hawaii, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas.  Now the Stalinist regime is saying that war could break out “today or tomorrow.”  We have heard threats from North Korea before–though not like these–and we always dismiss them on the grounds that North Korea’s leadership is certifiably insane.  That’s supposed to make us feel better?  A lunatic with nuclear weapons is the worst kind.  “Mutually-assured destruction” is not a deterrent for a lunatic.  Another reason not to worry is that North Korea is a failed state in desperate poverty.  That an adversary is “desperate” is no consolation, since there is always the option of going out in a blaze of glory.  There is also that whole face-saving thing so important, I am told, to Koreans that makes it harder to back down.

We can feel better knowing that experts say the country does not have the technical capability to launch missiles that will reach all that far.  Let’s hope the experts are right this time.  We have sent ships and anti-missile technology to our allies and  military bases in the region.  China is even moving military units to its borders with North Korea, not knowing what the new “dear leader” Kim Jong-Un might do. [Read more…]