What’s been missing at the Democratic convention

What’s been missing at the Democratic National Convention?

(1)  American flags.  The first night, there were Palestinian flags on the convention floor.  Outside, Bernie Sander’s socialist followers flew the red banner with the hammer and sickle of the Soviet flag.  But no Old Glory.  Not until an article in the Daily Caller pointed out the absence of the American flag, in stark contrast with the Republican convention where the stars and stripes were everywhere.  Whereupon the Democrats brought in some.

(2)  References to terrorism.  Fact-checkers confirmed that none of the 61 speakers on the first day of the convention mentioned the words terror, terrorism, terrorist, Islamic, or ISIS.  There was scant mention Tuesday, but Wednesday’s emphasis on foreign policy did include talk about terrorism.

What else has been missing?

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Are Christians responsible for the Orlando shooting?

The left is blaming Christians for the Orlando attack on gays and lesbians, while defending Islam.  Even though the attacker himself said that he acted in the name of Islam.  David French explores this odd pattern of accusation and defense. [Read more…]

Back to protests, riots, and May Day demonstrations

Protesters, mostly Hispanics, rioted at a Donald Trump campaign event in Orange County last weekend.  They tried to block the candidate from getting to the stage, forcing hm to climb a fence.  He quipped, “It felt like I was crossing the border.”  In Sacramento, protesters burned the American flag and flew the Mexican flag.  Latino activists promise more of the same if Trump gets the Republican nomination.

You would think they would realize that such behavior confirms Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and that they are only getting him more votes.

But all of this seems to be part of a leftist revival, a back-to-the-seventies kind of activism.  Thus, yesterday, May 1, the international socialist holiday, was marked in the United States and throughout the world by huge May Day demonstrations. [Read more…]

Leftists go from frightening to frightened

When someone chalked “vote for Trump” messages on the sidewalk, students at Emory University protested, saying seeing these words made them feel “frightened.”  The administration, playing the role of in loco helicopteris parentis, held their hands, offering counseling and promising to investigate who committed this brazen act of democracy.

Similarly, in Scripps College in California, someone wrote “Trump 2016” on a whiteboard, leading to charges of “racism” and the claim that the campaign slogan was an act of “violence.”  This is all of a piece with university students demanding “safe spaces” where they will be protected from any words or ideas that they find disturbing.

Leftists used to project a menacing swagger.  The old Marxists made posters of themselves as brawny workers with hammers and sickles and openly talked about “liquidating the bourgeoisie” (that is, exterminating the middle class).  In my day, the “new left” college radicals stencilled a clenched fist on sidewalks and whiteboards.  They taunted their opponents with “up against the wall, ************!” (referring to the use of a firing squad).

But now these “post-Marxist” leftists–who substitute race, gender, and sexual identity for the old left’s concern for economic justice and class struggle–are so timorous, so fragile, so easily frightened by opposition, that it’s hard to take them seriously. [Read more…]

Provocateurs, protests, and mass arrests

It’s the oldest trick in the radical handbook:  Provoke your political opponents to violence as a way to discredit them.  Protesters associated with George Soros’s MoveOn.org have been showing up at Donald Trump rallies, taunting Trump supporters until some of them start throwing punches.  Then the news reports violence at Trump rallies, and the media and Trump’s opponents blame him for the violence.

MoveOn.org has promised to dog Trump’s appearances with mass protesters  in the general election.  (See this.)

Now the group has organized “Democracy Spring,” which it promises to be the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.”  It will start on April 2 in Philadelphia, whereupon activists will march all the way to Washington, D.C., a ten-day trek that will culminate with activists occupying the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.  MoveOn.org, which has been joined with other radical organizations, expects “thousands of arrests,” and is already putting into place legal representation for protesters who break the law.

This, whether or not Trump gets the nomination.  Things are going to get very, very ugly in this country. [Read more…]

Making America great again through vocation

Mark Hemingway excoriates the left’s denigration of work and says that the lack of respect for the working class is what drives Donald Trump’s popularity.  And then he offers his proposal for making America great again:  Recover Luther’s doctrine of vocation!

Read what he says after the jump.  This will kick off a special series of posts on vocation this week (while I’m away in Denmark).  As someone* wrote me recently, “vocation has messed with me for the past several years.”  Let it mess with you this week!

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