The Libertarian candidate on religious liberty

Is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson someone social conservatives could vote for as an alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?  Well, check out what he says about religious liberty, which he describes as a “black hole,” a liberty outside the bounds of his kind of libertarianism. [Read more…]

Libertarian candidates against liberty

The Libertarians had a prime opportunity to make their party an alternative to voters who oppose both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  And yet, say several commentators, they blew their chances by nominating two candidates who are not only pro-abortion, but are also explicitly anti-religious liberty.  Gary Johnson and Bill Weld believe discrimination statues should apply to Christians who do not want to participate in gay weddings.  And Johnson has even called for outlawing the burqa for Muslim women.  And yet Weld supported such anti-liberty measures as the Patriot Act, Eminent Domain, and gun control!

Libertarians who have actually been elected to major public offices, though–such as Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and Tom Massie–are also pro-life!   Neither social conservatives nor “the liberty caucus” appear to have a candidate. [Read more…]

Similarities & differences between libertarians and conservatives

In the course of an essay on the history and negative consequences of progressivism, Bradley J. Birzer discusses its two main opponents, conservatism and libertarianism.  He gives both what they agree on and what they disagree on.  See what he says after the jump.

Is libertarianism really a major opponent of progressivism, or is it rather, with its dismissal of traditional authorities, a particular manifestation of it?  If conservatism has a communal dimension, as opposed to libertarian individualism, does that put it closer to the corporate emphasis of progressivism?

But here is the big question, highly relevant to the current election:  Given the differences between these three ideologies, does it make sense for a conservative to vote libertarian against a progressive presidential candidate?  Or is the gulf between conservative and libertarian too wide for that?   [Read more…]

Cruz trying to get Libertarian vote, but Ron Paul says “no”

Ted Cruz is trying to get the libertarian vote, now that Rand Paul has dropped out of the race.  But Rand’s father, long-time libertarian standard-bearer Ron Paul is insisting that Cruz is no libertarian.

After the jump, see excerpts and links to what Cruz is doing to woo the libertarian vote (namely, toning down the religion talk and focusing on civil liberty issues), as well as Ron Paul’s statement against him.

Someone help me out here. Hasn’t Cruz been emphasizing civil liberties for quit a while?  What do libertarians have against him?  His “Christian nation” rhetoric and his Christian dominionist support?  Or are there other issues? [Read more…]

Libertarian Socialism

Another take on the strange and contradictory political ideologies we are seeing today, such as we posted on yesterday.   In a recent book,William Gairdner  speaks of “libertarian socialism.”  It’s a political philosophy that basically will let the government be as powerful as it wants, as long as it allows sexual freedom.  See Gairdner’s  interview at Federalist Radio, excerpted after the jump, where you will also find a link to his book.

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Rand Paul quits–what happened to libertarianism?

Rand Paul is dropping out of the presidential race.  I’m disappointed.  To me, he represented a true anti-establishment voice, one based in his libertarian ideas and not just in being obnoxious.  Not that I fully buy into libertarianism, though I appreciate its concern for civil liberties.  But let me ask this:  What happened to libertarianism?  Supposedly the millennials, the internet subculture, the new entrepreneurs, and the zeitgeist in general are libertarian, wanting personal liberty, a free economy, and minimal government.  So why hasn’t libertarianism gotten more political traction?

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