Terrorist weekend

As the world focuses on ISIS, we are reminded that we also have to contend with our old terrorist foe al-Qaeda.  In the African nation of Mali, an al-Qaeda affiliated group attacked a luxury hotel, taking 170 people, many of them foreign tourists, hostage.  Commandos stormed the hotel, but some 20 hostages  were killed, including one American.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, the capital city of Brussels was put into a state of lockdown–with all public events cancelled and people being urged to stay in their homes–in face of what authorities called evidence of an “imminent,” Paris-style attack.  Belgian police arrested 16 jihadists.

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France starts its own Iraq

Back when the U.S.A. invaded Iraq, the French refused to join the “coalition of the willing” and opposed our efforts, leading to Americans making fun of French military prowess and making anti-French gestures such as re-labeling a favorite food indulgence as “freedom fries.”  But now the French–not us–have embarked on a military invasion of a Muslim country, the West African nation of Mali (a former French colony)  in order to quell al Qaeda terrorism and the establishment of an Islamist state.  Not only that, this is the work of the left-wing socialist government of President Francois Hollande, who is as far from a George W. Bush figure as one could imagine.  Evidently, the war on terrorism and fighting back against Islamic jihad is not necessarily a right/left, conservative/liberal issue. [Read more…]