Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Mx.?

Our culture has arrived at a transgender moment.

“The end of gender is near,” says Robin Givens, the Washington Post fashion critic.

Menswear designers are on a mission to eradicate it. Some are going full bore, wielding lace shirts and floppy, grandma blouses like cultural grenades. Others are taking a stealth approach, quietly chiseling away the boundaries between masculinity and femininity through non-traditional retail, models and silhouettes.

And a Post advice columnist answers a question about when to use the transgender title “Mx.”  Some are saying that we should just use it for everyone. But don’t use it for Caitlyn Jenner, who is a woman. [Read more…]

Ten Forbidden Behaviours

Regional Chinese Communist officials have put forward a list of “10 forbidden behaviors” designed to improve the manners and  image of party operatives.  These do not have quite the moral heft of the 10 Commandments, but they give some good tips for getting along with “the masses.”

Read them after the jump.  And then I invite you to suggest equivalent behaviors in our society that deserve to be “forbidden” (not that they would be, hopefully, in a free society, but you know what I mean). [Read more…]