Back to protests, riots, and May Day demonstrations

Protesters, mostly Hispanics, rioted at a Donald Trump campaign event in Orange County last weekend.  They tried to block the candidate from getting to the stage, forcing hm to climb a fence.  He quipped, “It felt like I was crossing the border.”  In Sacramento, protesters burned the American flag and flew the Mexican flag.  Latino activists promise more of the same if Trump gets the Republican nomination.

You would think they would realize that such behavior confirms Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and that they are only getting him more votes.

But all of this seems to be part of a leftist revival, a back-to-the-seventies kind of activism.  Thus, yesterday, May 1, the international socialist holiday, was marked in the United States and throughout the world by huge May Day demonstrations. [Read more…]

Workers of the world, it’s your day

This is the first of May, celebrated as a spring festival in many cultures as May Day and appropriated by Marxists as the International Workers’ Holiday.  This is the Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving for those who believe religion is the opiate of the people but who still have a need for holidays.  For the importance of the day for the Communist party see this:  May Day – About the International Workers’ Holiday.  May Day marches are being planned in many of America’s cities, with leftists demonstrating for immigration reform and other causes.  (Search for the term on Google News.)

Marxism is still around, despite the fall of the Soviet Union.  Do you think it will come back in vogue, or back in power?