Hating on Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to the service of the poor and the dying,  has become almost synonymous with goodness and saintliness, and, indeed, her canonization is imminent.  But some people have an almost fanatical hatred for her.  Why? The main reason is because she was pro-life. [Read more…]

Atheists vs. Mother Teresa

The U.S. Postal Service wants to put out a stamp commemorating Mother Teresa, who was made an honorary  U.S. citizen by President Clinton, honoring her Nobel Peace Prize and her work with the world’s poor and dying.  The Freedom from Religion Foundation, an atheist organization, is protesting the proposed stamp.  The group wants to call attention to “the darker side” of Mother Teresa’s religious activism; namely, her opposition to abortion.  Notice how being pro-life is presented as a dark, evil, disqualifying belief.

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