Remodeling the Navy Yard building

We blogged about the phenomenon of tearing down or otherwise effacing buildings where terrible crimes were committed.  It was announced that the Navy Yard office building in Washington, D.C., the site of the recent mass shooting in which 12 people were killed, is going to be extensively remodeled at a cost of $6.4 million so as to change the interior so that it won’t conjure up bad associations. [Read more…]

Abandoning the mentally ill

Before Charles Krauthammer became an influential conservative pundit, he was a medical doctor; specifically, a psychiatrist who worked the emergency room at Massachusetts General Hospital.  So what he says about Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people at Washington’s Navy Yard, carries some weight. [Read more…]

13 die in Washington shootings

A gunman killed a dozen people in a Navy office building in Washington, D.C. The shooter, who was also killed, was a contractor named Aaron Alexis.  He does not seem to be an Islamic terrorist.  At first, authorities said there were three gunmen, but the word now is that there was only one.

Still, there are lots of questions about this attack.  For example, how did Alexis, with his history of mental illness and run-ins with the law, get his security clearance that allowed him to work at the complex?  How did he get his gun–some reports have said a shotgun and others an assault rifle–through security?  And how did he wreak such mayhem in a military facility bristling with armed guards?  This incident at the Naval Yard is the second mass shooting at a military installation in the Washington, D.C., area, after the massacre at Ft. Hood.  Why are our military installations so vulnerable to this kind of attack?

UPDATE:  Two members of our church work there.  They are OK, but I don’t know anything else.  That really brings it home.

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