Kevin Durant got his championship


Last year the Oklahoma City came this close to beating the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs.  Golden State then came this close beating the Cleveland Cavaliers, but failed.

Whereupon, on the 4th of July,  the Thunder’s superstar Kevin Durant signed with Golden State, putting an already super team into the realm of being virtually unbeatable.

So now Golden State has won the national championship.  Of course they did.  And they will probably keep winning them.

Here in Oklahoma, we’re kind of bitter about this.  We loved KD and put him in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, but his jumping ship to our nemesis felt like a betrayal.

That our other superstar, Russell Westbrook, chose to stay with us made us feel better.  His record-setting triple double season making him the top contender for the Most Valuable Player salvaged the season.

As I mentioned earlier, one Oklahoma fan got a petition going to change the name of Durant, Oklahoma (no relation), to Westbrook.

But now the season is over.  KD earned his championship ring by being the MVP of the series.  He has overshadowed the other Warriors, including Steph Curry, with his superpower of being able to sink three point shots from any place on the floor.  Now the Warriors are being called KD’s team.   That should count as some kind of victory for Thunder fans, with our guy taking over the enemy team.  But it doesn’t quite work that way.

So is this superteam good for the NBA?  People are debating that.  But surely coming up with a really good team, ideally one that can hardly be beaten, and that wins championships is the goal of professional sports.  It seems silly to blame a team for being so good.  But having one team that other teams just can’t compete with doesn’t make for interesting games.

But my prediction is that the Warriors will NOT be totally dominant in the years ahead.  Injuries happen.  (KD gets injured quite a bit.)  And free agents happen.  And teams coming out of nowhere to be genuine contenders happen.

So that’s my consolation. [Read more…]

On the NBA championship

For the first time, I actually followed the NBA this season.  That was due to my Oklahoma nationalism–that being where I grew up–and getting hooked on the Oklahoma City Thunder, with MVP Kevin Durant and company.

I had always thought the playoffs, which involve a best-of-seven series on every level with days between games, lasted forever.  But now that I had a horse in this race, I found myself drawn in, as the Thunder advanced two levels–each filled with drama, soap-opera intrigue, and thrilling games–until they were beaten by the San Antonio Spurs.  That team just won the championship by decisively beating Lebron James and his superstar team the Miami Heat.  Watching the Thunder play the Spurs for so many games made me appreciate them, and I’m glad they won. [Read more…]

A Heat wave stifles Oklahoma City Thunder

Well, the Oklahoma City Thunder made it to the NBA championship series but got beat 4 games to 1 by the Miami Heat.  But I refuse to take the blame.  I’ve been enjoying watching basketball again, and I think I’ll continue to do so.