News from a Christian angle

World is a magazine I used to be associated with, and it now has a big website:  WORLD.  At some point, you need to subscribe to get full access, but you can check it out for free.  Do so and bring up something from today’s issue to discuss.


Liberal News

One of the web’s biggest news sites is the unabashedly liberal Huffington Post.  Review today’s issue.  Can you deduce anything about contemporary liberalism from the kinds of stories you find here?  Did you find anything that you would like to take issue with?  Did you learn anything that you found enlightening?

One of my favorite online newspapers

That would have to be The Federalist.  One of the minds behind it is Lutheran journalist Mollie Hemingway.  But it’s all good.  I find it to be unfailingly fresh, iconoclastic, penetrating, original, funny, and thought-provoking.

Check out the latest issue.  What did you learn?  What articles would you recommend to the rest of this blog’s readership?  Comment on them.

Online news and views

Here is an online site you might not know about:  The Stream.

It features news and opinions from mostly conservative and Christian perspectives, sorted into these categories:

Browse the site.  Did you find anything good?  Anything you’d like to comment on?

Religion news

A good source for news and commentary on the world of religion is RealClearReligion.  Posts are put up twice a day, in both the morning and the afternoon.  Check out the site.  What stories did you click, and why?  Are there any stories you found interesting, edifying, or that you took issue with?  Tell us about them in the comments.

In today’s news. . .

While I’m in Scandinavia, I’m putting up “evergreen” posts from my files.  But to keep this blog up to date, I’m depending on you.   Here is one of the major online news sites:  Google News.

What do you find here that is worthy of note and that you’d like to discuss?