Three Lutheran churches on the life issue

Lutheran ethicist Robert Benne attended the March for Life, which occasioned some interesting reflections on how different Lutheran church bodies approach the abortion controversy.

The Missouri Synod had gathered several hundred with whom we marched. Lutherans for Life—an umbrella organization—provided an additional banner under which another couple hundred marched. However, a stunning realization came to me: I saw not one mainline Protestant banner or organized group. Of course, I could have missed them amid the immensity of the march, but it is safe to say they were not there in any significant mass. That was true for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which more and more resembles mainline liberal Protestantism. [Read more…]

The new Lutheran denomination

Congregations dissenting from the ELCA’s embrace of homosexuality now have a bishop and have formed a new Lutheran denomination:  The North American Lutheran Church (NALC).  It has 250 congregations and some 100,000 members.  Check out their website, which details the NALC’s beliefs, government, and mission:

North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

My impression is that the NALC will still ordain women and be ecumenical in relation to other churches–the website specifically says it will co-operate with the new Anglican church, which the NALC seems to be emulating–while being more conservative than the ELCA on moral, Biblical, and theological issues.

What do you think about this?  Is this a promising development for Lutheranism in America?  Would this group attract those of you who are intrigued by Lutheranism but can’t handle the Missouri and Wisconsin Synod’s  practice of closed communion and standoffishness towards other churches, which probably won’t be issues in the NALC?

HT:  Bart Gingerich