Could a President Trump be checked and balanced?

Paul Ryan says that if a President Trump were to do something illegal, such as ban immigrants on the basis of their religion, he, as Speaker of the House, would sue him.  Ryan seems to be floating the possibility that a President Trump might not be so bad because he could be controlled by the law.  Congress and the courts could keep him in line.  Do you think Trump could be checked and balanced?

After the jump, an argument that he couldn’t.  Do you agree? [Read more…]

Paul Ryan is now ready to endorse Donald Trump

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, after saying that he was “not ready” to endorse Donald Trump, is now ready.  He announced that he will support him after all.  Ryan, the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee in the last presidential election, by virtue of his office as House Speaker, is slated to preside at the Republican convention in Cleveland July 18-21.

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The fight for “regular order” in the House

Remember watching “Schoolhouse Rock,” in which you were taught how a “Bill” becomes a “Law,” going through committees and all those other legislative processes until it gets passed and signed?  That’s called “regular order,” and it hasn’t been used in the House of Representatives for years.  Mostly today, bills instead are initiated, negotiated, brought to the floor–or not–by House leadership of both parties.

The “Freedom Caucus” of recently-elected conservatives is routinely accused of undermining former speaker John Boehner and creating legislative paralysis for ideological reasons.  But, as political scientist Ross K. Baker explains, what they are actually fighting for is not ideology at all, but rather a return to “regular order.”

As it is, these junior Congressional representatives are given almost no say in legislation, contrary to the wide participation and transparency made possible by the traditional “regular order.”  (Yes, the members of the Freedom Caucus are conservative, but this is because they mostly came in with the anti-Obama landslide of the last Congressional election.)  The new speaker, Paul Ryan, is said to be sympathetic to the Schoolhouse Rock approach to government, but we shall see. [Read more…]

Republicans pick Paul Ryan as House Speaker

House Republicans nominated Paul Ryan to be Speaker of the House, pretty much assuring his election, scheduled for today.  Some conservatives insist that the party’s last Vice Presidential candidate is not conservative enough, despite Ryan’s reputation as an innovative conservative policy wonk.  But most members of the Freedom Caucus–the home of hardline House conservatives who had been the bane of the previous speaker, John Boehner–voted for Ryan. [Read more…]

The space between the individual and the state

Rep. Paul Ryan (R, Wisconsin), in his new book entitled The Way Forward, discusses “the space between the individual and the state” and says that Progressives keep wanting to fill that space with the government. [Read more…]

Conservatives launch war on poverty

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) is the founder of the Tea Party Caucus, a true limited-government firebrand.  But the potential presidential candidate is launching a war on poverty.  So is Mitt Romney’s running-mate Paul Ryan, the Congressman from Wisconsin known for his budget-cutting schemes.  He too is a likely presidential contender.

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