Answering the Planned Parenthood defenders

Megan Fox answers the Planned Parenthood defenders’ talking points, as promoted on a recent viral video, in the course of which I learned some new things.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t give away contraceptives; it sells them.  It doesn’t do cancer screenings.  And although it may be that  only 3% of its business comes from abortion, 90% of their profits do.  Also, fetal tissue research has NOT resulted in any medical breakthroughs. [Read more...]

The abortion empire strikes back

Planned Parenthood is rallying, attempting to prosecute the filmmakers and getting lots of support from other liberal judges, state Attorney Generals, and Democratic lawmakers.  That’s like in Ben Jonson’s Volpone, when the villain, though caught red-handed, plays the legal system so that the good guys who caught him are the ones who go jail!

Also the Obama administration is threatening states who cut off funding for the organization, saying this would violate federal law.  (See this  for those threats, other legal action, and some latest developments in the Planned Parenthood scandal.)

That group that made the Planned Parenthood videos has another one  showing the goings on at an annual meeting of abortion providers.  It must be very incriminating, since the abortionist activists went to a federal court to prevent its release.  The judge who issued the restraining order is himself a big fund-raising bundler for President Obama, and his wife is a pro-abortion activist.   Mollie Hemingway tells the tale after the jump. . . .

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More Planned Parenthood incrimination

A new video from the Center for Medical Progress, part of a documentary the group is making, features a biotech technician who tells of the aggressive approach used by Planned Parenthood in acquiring fetal organs to sell.  This included pressuring mothers to sign over the body of their child or even taking the body without ever getting permission, as required by law.

Abortionists would screen patients to find the type of fetus in demand.  Even patients just coming in for a pregnancy test were screened for tissue donation.  Killer quote:  “Pregnancy tests are potential pregnancies, therefore potential specimens. So it’s just taking advantage of the opportunities.” [Read more...]

Senate fails to defund Planned Parenthood

Democrats played the filibuster card to stop a Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood, with Republicans being unable to come up with the 60 votes to stop debate.  The vote was 53-46.   Contrary to what pro-abortion apologists were arguing, the bill would not lead to more abortions by keeping women from getting contraceptives.  The money presently going to Planned Parenthood would be transferred to medical clinics, which would give out contraceptives and health services to women, but not perform abortions.

Now the effort to stop the half a billion fungible tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood will shift to the budgetary process, as well as to state governments.

You can see how your Senator voted by clicking the link after the jump.

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Planned Parenthood fights back against defunding

We taxpayers give Planned Parenthood a half-billion dollars a year, something a measure that goes before the Senate as early as this evening would end.  So the abortion-industrial complex has issued talking points for its followers (see this and this in a single issue of the Washington Post) arguing that to defund Planned Parenthood would be a pro-abortion bill.  The reasoning being that if the organization can’t give give out contraceptives, then there will be more abortions.

But even if you accept the premise that contraceptives are a good thing, Obamacare makes them free from any drug store!  And even those who don’t have health insurance, even the government-subsidized plans, can get them free from community health clinics.  There are 9,059 of those, compared to 669 Planned Parenthood offices.  Even taking abortion off the table, why should taxpayers give all that money to Planned Parenthood AND the community clinics AND the insurance companies in Obamacare? [Read more...]

Special Planned Parenthood edition

Today is a special Saturday edition of the Cranach blog, featuring a wealth of material on the Planned Parenthood scandal.  It’s almost impossible for us to keep up with the story of that organization’s brutality, grisly practices, and coverups.

David Daleiden, The founder of the Center for Medical Progress, the organization that made those surreptitious videos of Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue trafficking, said that there are nine more damning videos to come.  The fourth one has already been released–see below–leaving 8 to go. Each release seems to give the lie to the organization’s previous attempt at justifying itself, forcing the group to keep changing its story.  Daleiden also addressed criticism from abortion supporters:  No, the embarrassing details are not a function of misleading editing.  The full unedited footage is available on the organization’s website.  There are 300 hours of undercover video.  No, the taping was not illegal.  The group was careful to follow local laws on recording conversations.  Details after the jump.

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist is covering the scandal thoroughly.  Today’s other posts are links to her stories, which detail not just what’s on the tapes but Planned Parenthood’s pathetic, desperate, and exceedingly weak attempts to defend what it does.

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