Yet another Planned Parenthood video

Even though they have been indicted for their undercover journalism, the folks at the Center for Medical Progress have released another video, this one showing a Planned Parenthood official explaining the accounting tricks they use to hide their organ trafficking.  You can see the video at the link, after the jump, which also outlines the filmmaker’s defense. [Read more…]

How Planned Parenthood got its accusers indicted

Reuters has an eye-opening story on what we blogged about earlier, how Planned Parenthood lawyers turned the tables on those who made the videos exposing the organization’s organ trafficking.  By working closely with the Texas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood, the lawyers were able to frame the case so that the abortionists were no longer accused of a crime but were rather victims of a crime.  And because the filmmakers used fake IDs, they had a crime to charge them with.  On top of that, with excruciating irony, because the filmmakers said they wanted to buy fetal tissue, the lawyers got the grand jury to charge the pro-lifers with organ trafficking, the very crime Planned Parenthood had been accused of!

Another example of the cynical adage that if you are accused of a crime, all you need is a good lawyer.  Read the details after the jump. [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood strikes back

Planned Parenthood is suing the people who made those videos exposing the organization’s fetal tissue trafficking and other embarrassing facts. [Read more…]

On Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton

As you may have heard, Planned Parenthood has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, also giving her $20 million.  But isn’t Planned Parenthood a non-profit organization and so forbidden, like Christian ministries, from overt political involvement?  And since one-third of its income comes from the government, doesn’t that mean that tax dollars are funding a political campaign?

It turns out that Planned Parenthood has formed a separate advocacy group to be its political arm.  It presumably is financed by separate money.  Still, I remember how careful Christian organizations I’ve been involved have had to be to distance themselves from the very appearance of political involvement in order to protect their tax-exempt status.  When it is being said that “Planned Parenthood” is endorsing, rather than “the Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” that would normally invite IRS scrutiny.

Anyway, the endorsement may backfire, both against Planned Parenthood and against Mrs. Clinton.  Bernie Sanders supporters are furious at the endorsement and are pulling their funds from Planned Parenthood. [Read more…]

Answering the Planned Parenthood defenders

Megan Fox answers the Planned Parenthood defenders’ talking points, as promoted on a recent viral video, in the course of which I learned some new things.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t give away contraceptives; it sells them.  It doesn’t do cancer screenings.  And although it may be that  only 3% of its business comes from abortion, 90% of their profits do.  Also, fetal tissue research has NOT resulted in any medical breakthroughs. [Read more…]

The abortion empire strikes back

Planned Parenthood is rallying, attempting to prosecute the filmmakers and getting lots of support from other liberal judges, state Attorney Generals, and Democratic lawmakers.  That’s like in Ben Jonson’s Volpone, when the villain, though caught red-handed, plays the legal system so that the good guys who caught him are the ones who go jail!

Also the Obama administration is threatening states who cut off funding for the organization, saying this would violate federal law.  (See this  for those threats, other legal action, and some latest developments in the Planned Parenthood scandal.)

That group that made the Planned Parenthood videos has another one  showing the goings on at an annual meeting of abortion providers.  It must be very incriminating, since the abortionist activists went to a federal court to prevent its release.  The judge who issued the restraining order is himself a big fund-raising bundler for President Obama, and his wife is a pro-abortion activist.   Mollie Hemingway tells the tale after the jump. . . .

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