The anti-conservative vendetta in Wisconsin

To retaliate against conservative organizations that thwarted efforts to recall Gov. Scott Walker for his anti-union policies, Democratic prosecutors launched a series of legal investigations against them, complete with police-state-style pre-dawn raids.   A federal judge has ruled against these actions, and now those targeted are suing.  Details of what happened after the break. [Read more…]

Fired for signing a gay marriage petition

The Maryland state legislature has legalized gay marriage.  Some citizens, though, as is their right, have circulated a petition calling for a referendum on the issue.  So the D.C. area gay newspaper, The Washington Blade, published the names of the people who signed the petition, opening them up to harrassment, intimidation, and punishment.

T. Alan Hurwitz, the president of Gallaudet University, the federally-funded college for the deaf, learned from a Lesbian couple on his faculty that one of his employees, Angela McCaskill, the college’s diversity officer for 24 years, signed the petition.  So he suspended her from her job.

McCaskill, a deaf African-American, insisted she was not anti-gay; rather, she is pro-democracy, thinking that a question like gay marriage needs to be decided by the people as a whole.  She said she signed the petition at her church.

She said, via signing, “I am dismayed that Gallaudet University is still a university of intolerance, a university that manages by intimidation, a university that allows bullying among faculty, staff and students.”

See  Gallaudet worker: ‘Pro-democracy,’ not anti-gay – The Washington Post.

Should citizens be in jeopardy for their employment for exercising their political rights?

What does this case suggest about how opponents of gay marriage will be treated?  Do you believe those who oppose gay marriage, including pastors and churches, will be tolerated once gay marriage becomes the law of the land?