The Prodigal Father

How many times have you read the story of the Prodigal Son?  How many sermons have you heard about it?  Do you think you have seen everything there is to see in that parable?  Well, check out what Pastor Douthwaite did with this text in his sermon to our congregation yesterday.  Go here.

I was struck with the vividness with which he described  the family situation with the two sons  (including that added speculative detail at the very end of the father now looking out, waiting the arrival of the good son); the depth of the application; and, in the biggest surprise for me, the thought that we enact the story of the Prodigal Son every time we come to divine service, in which we confess that we have sinned before heaven and earth and are received back by our Heavenly Father who puts on for  us the Feast of Holy Communion.