Ted Cruz speaks at convention, but refuses to endorse Trump

Ted Cruz, who came in second to Donald Trump, was given a speaking slot at the convention, in the name of party unity.  Cruz gave a speech, but he did not endorse Trump.  

Cruz told his listeners to “vote your conscience.”  The crowd booed him loudly.  Another convention stage-managing fail.  And a major fail in achieving party unity. [Read more…]

Final plots to stop Trump at the convention

Most of the Republican party establishment has reconciled itself to the fact that Donald Trump will be the party’s nominee.  But as he keeps making embarrassing, unpresidential statements, racks up a record 70% unfavorable rating, and falls farther behind Hillary Clinton in the polls, some Republican operatives are thinking up last-ditch efforts to stop him at the convention.  These have to do with various ways of changing the convention rules so as to free delegates to vote their conscience, rather than following the primary or caucus results in their states.  One possibility is to allow delegates to abstain on the first ballot, which might prevent Trump from getting a majority on the first ballot, which would throw open the convention.

Such tactics might not work anyway.  Allowed to vote their conscience, many or most delegates will have their conscience telling them to either vote for Trump or to vote the way their state told them to.  Besides, there is no other candidate on the horizon who can or is willing to be a Trump alternative.  And if the effort succeeded to (literally) steal the nomination from Trump as given to him by voters, the public would surely and rightly charge the Republican party with violating the democratic process it established.  Republicans would be doomed either way, whether they nominate Trump or don’t.

Still, should NeverTrumpers make a last stand at the convention, which is coming up on July 18?  See what some operatives are planning after the jump.

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Refusing to bake Trump’s cake

BuzzFeed announced that it would not honor a $1.3 million advertising contract with the Republican Party because Donald Trump is going to be the nominee.  I suspect other businesses will have similar qualms, as we are already seeing with some rock musicians not letting Trump’s campaign play their songs.  So how is that any different, asks Mollie Hemingway, from a Christian baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding?

She says that businesses should have the right to express their moral objections by not selling to certain clients, but asks why media corporations–including BuzzFeed–demonize the little guys who do this, while doing it themselves on a much bigger scale?

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Leaving the Republican Party

Former presidential candidate, Baptist minister, and supposed social conservative Mike Huckabee has chastised the NeverTrump conservatives, saying that anyone who can’t accept the result of the nomination process should just leave the Republican Party.  So lots of formerly loyal members of the Grand Old Party are saying, “OK,” and cancelling their party registration.
After the jump, read Federalist writer Steve Johnston’s “Declaration of Independence from the Republican Party.”  (It sums up the conservative and Christian case against Trump, including answering the “better than Hillary” and “because the Supreme Court” objections.  But it also indicts the party as a whole.)
Are any of you taking this step?  Do you think it is wise?

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Donald Trump clinches GOP nomination

Donald Trump now has a total of 1,238 delegates, one more than the 1,237 necessary to win the nomination. He will certainly get more, since he is the only candidate still running, and there are still some primaries to go. But he is now the Republican candidate for president.

Now that the Republican race is over, we can take stock.   I’d like to hear from those of you who were Trump supporters from the beginning, party loyalists, grudging he’s-better-than-Hillary voters, and #NeverTrump conservatives.

I’d also like to hear from Democrats, both those of you who support Hillary Clinton and those of you who support Bernie Sanders.

Some think Trump’s nomination means an easy victory for the Democrats.  Others think the Democrats underestimate him–as the other Republican candidates did–at their peril and that Clinton will be no match for him.   Some Republicans say that they are worried about about two potential outcomes:  if Trump loses, and if he wins.

What do you think?
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Voting for Hillary under the Hamilton Rule

Some Never Trump conservatives are saying they will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  Not that they like Clinton.  They are invoking what they call the “Hamilton Rule” from the founder who, in opposing fellow Federalist John Adams, said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

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