“I am a nasty man with no heart”

When Russell Moore criticized Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee retaliated, as he always does.  He tweeted that Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, is “A nasty guy with no heart!”

I love Moore’s response on Meet the Press:  “I am a nasty guy with no heart, which is why I need forgiveness of sins and redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” [Read more…]

The Republican party has joined the other side

The Washington Post has an article about the dilemma conservative Christians are facing in having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  (Only about a third of evangelicals say they support the Republican nominee.)  The piece has two memorable quotes:

“This year the Republican Party has not just surrendered on the culture wars, they’ve joined the other side.” Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I got the idea of ‘Who would Jesus have voted for, Herod or Pilate?’ and probably neither one, and that’s where I feel we’re at here.” Pastor Gary Fuller


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We are all Nazarenes

The Nazis painted a yellow Star of David on the homes of Jews to mark them for persecution.  Today the Islamic State in Iraq is painting an Arabic “n”–for Nazarene–on the homes of Christians for the same reason.  In a show of solidarity, Christians all across the world are adapting that letter, using it as a social media avatar or a logo.  Here is a popular version:


But read what Russell Moore says on this subject, after the jump, how all Christians, being in Christ, share His earthly home and are all Nazarenes. [Read more…]

Making Christianity strange again

Russell Moore thinks the persecution of Christians around the world might bring American Christianity back to life.   Tagline to his post:  “Christianity in this country is big, powerful, and familiar. We need it to become strange again.” [Read more…]

From Moral Majority to Prophetic Minority

Russell Moore–identified as one of those mythical “Lutheran Baptists“–is the new spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention on social issues. He is taking a different approach from the conventional political activist on the “Christian right.”  He says that Christians have lost the so-called “culture wars” and that the loss of Christian cultural dominance may actually be good for the church.  He says that Christians need to stop thinking of themselves as “the moral majority.”  Instead, they have to see themselves as the “prophetic minority.”

After the jump, excerpts from a Wall Street Journal piece on Dr. Moore by the outstanding Christian writer Naomi Schaefer Riley, who interviewed him for her story. [Read more…]