The Trump/Russia collusion charge is fizzling

32314073056_4387da7f0f_zThe Democratic base, fanned by left wing pundits, is all fired up about the prospect that Donald Trump and his campaign conspired with the Russians to steal the election.

But despite lots of searching, no evidence of that collusion has turned up.

Now Democratic officials are trying to tamp down expectations from the rank and file, many of whom are convinced that exposing the Russian connection will bring Trump down.

Even former intelligence officials from the Obama administration are admitting that there is nothing there.  Democrats on the congressional committees investigating the possibility are also saying they have found nothing.

But they fear their base.

When Barack Obama took office, conspiracy theories abounded, conservative pundits kept everything at a fever pitch, and Tea Party activists vowed to hold Republican officeholders’ feet to the fire if they co-operated with the new president.

We are now experiencing the mirror image of those times, with liberals doing what conservatives once did.

Glenn Greenwald tells the tale after the jump.

UPDATE:  Not that the issue is dead.  FBI director James Comey has just told a congressional committee that the FBI is investigating the matter.

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Who is funding the U.S. secessionist movements

9348031848_222ae13657_zCalifornia and Texas both have secessionist movements with the goal of breaking away from the United States and setting up independent nations.  California’s rebels would seem to be from the left.  The Texans would seem to be from the right.  But the unlikely breakaways of these formerly independent republics have a common funder:  RUSSIA.

The leader of “Calexit” and its organization Yes California even lives in Russia!

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Another staff shakeup for Trump and more Russian connections

For the second time since his nomination, Donald Trump has shaken up his campaign staff.  He has brought in Steve Shannon, head of the pro-Trump website Breitbart News to be the CEO of his campaign.

This is presumably a rebuke of his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who has been trying to get Trump to restrain himself and to act more presidential.  Shannon, on the other hand, has been urging him to be his true outrageous self, which won him the Republican nomination.

Manafort, however, will remain at his post.  Meanwhile, new information is coming out about his connection to Russian authoritarians and their operatives.

Conservative columnist Rich Lowry says that it’s as if Republicans have switched sides in the cold war!

UPDATE:  Manafort quits as campaign chairman.

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Are the Russians manipulating the U.S. election?

Researchers are concluding that it was the Russians–indeed, a Russian intelligence agency–that hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails and gave them to Wikileaks.  Which raises the question:  Is Vladimir Putin working to get Donald Trump elected?

Not only have the two expressed admiration for each other.  A Trump presidency would clearly be in Russia’s self-interest.  Trump threatens to leave NATO and has said that he might not defend NATO members if they are attacked, with specific reference to the Baltic Republics, which Putin has his eye on.

 Is Trump a Manchurian candidate?  Certainly, Democrats are already spinning that narrative.

Is this just a Cold-War style conspiracy theory?  Or could there be something to it?

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