Fascism and other kinds of socialism

Economist Thomas Sowell explains fascist economics (absolute government control of the economy while allowing private ownership) and puts it into the context of other varieties of socialism and leftist ideologies. [Read more…]

The problems with socialism

As we’ve been seeing, socialism of various flavors is back in vogue.  But, as University of Oklahoma professor David Deming points out, socialism not only has a bad track record, it is problematic morally. [Read more…]

Millennials like socialism, but don’t want a government-run economy

Millennials–young adults 30 and younger–like socialism.  85% of that cohort in Iowa and New Hampshire voted for socialist Bernie Sanders, and a majority (53%) in one poll favor socialism over capitalism.  At the same time, 64% of this age group do not want the government running the economy, preferring instead the workings of the “free market”!

Which tells us that Millennials are such relativists that they have no problems believing in two contradictory ideas, or don’t know what socialism is, or have never been taught economics in school, or all of the above.  They also have no memories of the Cold War, with its death struggle between capitalism and communism, and no experience with socialistic experiments, such as the Nixon administration’s wage-and-price controls, which gave us gasoline and food shortages.  (Anybody remember that?  And Nixon is usually portrayed as a conservative!)

Read the research from the Federalist, linked after the jump. [Read more…]

How socialism is working out

As socialism comes back in vogue in the United States, voters have overwhelmingly repudiated it in Venezuela. [Read more…]

A majority of Democrats like socialism

Bernie Sanders has made socialism cool again.  56% of Democrats now have a positive impression of socialism.  Among Hillary Clinton supporters, 52% do. [Read more…]

Sexual freedom for state control

In a discussion of Playboy Magazine’s new policy of not publishing nude pictures, Mollie Hemingway and colleague Rich Cromwell talk about the magazine’s political liberalism.  She refers to a book that argues that the seemingly opposite ideologies have libertarianism and socialism have come together in a trade-off of sexual freedom in exchange for state control of everything else. [Read more…]