From tech to farming

Remember Stewart Lundy, my former student who helped me with the technical side of my blog?  He has now embraced farming.  But what a farm!  He is doing cutting-edge local, sustainable, organic farming.  He is raising heirloom vegetables, chickens, ducks, rabbits, bees, and “rare pigs.”  People are driving an hour and a half just to buy his eggs.  He is attending to the microbes in the soil, restoring minerals to the soil, and applying all kinds of other sophisticated techniques to make all of this work.

You have got to scroll through his site and see the pictures of what all he is doing:  Perennial Roots – Accomac, VA – Farm, Food & Grocery | Facebook.

Contact him from the site if you want to order a pig (either as food or as a pet) or get in on any of this other stuff.  [Read more…]

For IT help, go to the Bulldog

I’ve talked about Stewart Lundy, the Renaissance man who is equally adept at continental philosophy and the latest computer technology.  He has set up a business, Bulldog Technology.  If you need help with web design, your blog, your business computer needs, software solutions, or even fixing  your computer, consult with the Bulldog.  Seriously.  He’s good and so are the people he has working with him.   His prices are low.  The quality of his work is high.  Here he tells about his services:

// why we started
Bulldog Technology Solutions was formed to reconcile art and technology. For many, technology is worse than Greek, it is Geek, an obscure dialect known only by obscure technicians who jabber on unintelligibly and never really communicate much of anything. We aren’t going to give you a lot of tech babble. We aren’t going drone on and on about computer parts. We aren’t going to speak “geek” to you. We hope to provide you with dependable service at affordable rates so that you can trust your technology to serve you in the most effective manner possible.

// what makes us different
We promise to be prompt, efficient, and sensitive to your technology needs. We want to make your technology seem effortless. If we design a site for you, we want it to look good and to look easy. We will work to give you the most intuitive presentation possible so that you can use your technology better than ever before.

Price is the most obvious difference between us and our competitors. We charge less for superior service, more personable people, and more consistent care. We want you to get the most out of your technology. We want your technology to be secure, stable, and solid. For this reason, we offer maintenance services, security updates, and diagnostics. We want your computer to run faster, longer, and better than before.

// so what now?
Give us the opportunity to help optimize your technology. If you need diagnostics, repairs, or optimization, we offer the lowest prices you will find. We are the best computer company you could hire. We only have one reputation, and we are committed to keeping that reputation what it is: excellent. Your computer’s productivity will be increased after a visit from Bulldog Technology…we guarantee it!

Also the bulldog blog is a good way to keep up with the latest developments in online technology.

I invited Stewart to put an ad in the sidebar here. (He is the one who knows how to do that, not me!) So if you have IT or website needs, contact him. He has just gotten married and I figure he could use the work.