A surge but then a timetable to leave

President Obama has made his decision on the war in Afghanistan:

US President Barack Obama has ordered 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan but warned America would begin to withdraw its military by 2011.

The new deployment over six months will bring America's troop strength in the country to more than 100,000, in the fight against Taliban militants.

Mr Obama also urged America's allies in Nato to send more troops.

Defending the war, he insisted there were no parallels with Vietnam and that world security was at stake.

I support the President in this. (Democrats, give me credit. But do YOU support him in this?) After all, the “surge” in Iraq seems to have worked. But doesn’t announcing a timetable for withdrawal at the very same time undermine the effect? Why wouldn’t the Taliban just lie low until 2011, and then come out once the Americans leave?

What do you think of the speech at West Point and his plans?