Making the military cool again

Literature, including and perhaps especially the more popular varieties, does more than provide escapist entertainment.  It can also shape people’s imaginations so as to influence the actual world.  Case in point:  the recently departed author Tom Clancy, who, according to veterans Erin Simpson and Phillip Carter, was largely responsible for making the military cool again, after the disfavor it fell into with the Vietnam war, and inspiring lots of young readers to sign up. [Read more…]

Novelist Tom Clancy dies

Tom Clancy, the author of The Hunt for Red October who basically founded the genre of the high-tech military thriller, died.  He was just 66.

In Debt of Honor, published in 1994, terrorists fly an airliner into an iconic building in Washington, D.C.  (It was Japanese terrorists flying into the Capitol building during the State of the Union address, wiping out the entire governmental chain of command, except for hero Jack Ryan, the sole official who by custom stays home, making him President.)  I always wondered if the 9/11 terrorists got their idea from Clancy’s imagination. [Read more…]