News & updates

Somebody hacked into the Twitter account of the Associated Press, no less, and put out word that there were explosions in the White House that injured the president.  That sent the stock market into a tailspin, but it recovered when the story turned out to be a hoax.

Charges have been dropped for the Elvis impersonator who was accused of sending ricin-laced letters to the president, a senator, and a judge.  Investigators have another suspect, a rival of the first one.

The surviving Boston Marathon bomber was charged for the federal crime of using weapons of mass destruction.  He will not be treated as an enemy combatant.  He was read his rights.  The charge indicated that he may face the death penalty.  (Massachusetts does not have the death penalty–though state legislators unsuccessfully tried to re-instate it for the bomber–but the federal government can still execute people.)

All a-twitter

Stewart keeps dragging me into the 21st century, all the way from my natural home in the 17th, so I am now on Twitter. He has set it up so that links to posts on this blog will get twittered, or tweeted, and thus promulgated all around. I also think it’s possible for you to send out posts from this blog that you believe your own followers might enjoy as your own tweets, just by clicking the appropriate icon under the title. (You can also send posts to Facebook, MySpace, or Google [I thought Google was already everywhere!].)

Anyway, I suspect I might get drawn in to the other possibilities of Twitter. Now that I have my account and am following people, it’s kind of interesting to hear from folks. So friend me on Twitter–no, sorry, that’s for that other social networking program that I’m not on, I guess the word is follow me–though even so, I’d rather have friends than followers.