Postage rates are actually going down

Prices for a first-class stamp will drop from 49 cents back down to 46 cents after a federal court ruled that the latest postage increase could not be permanent.  The cost of the switch will be minimal, due to the US Postal Service reliance on “forever stamps” (though woe to the speculators who bough them as investments).

In the age of e-mail and UPS delivery, do we really need the U. S. mail anymore? [Read more…]

Lawsuit over the Statue of Liberty

You know the  “forever” stamp with a closeup of the face of the Statue of Liberty?  A few years ago, there was a bit of controversy when it was discovered that the image on the stamp is not of the Lady Liberty who presides over the harbor at New York City.  Rather, it is a copy of the cheesy fake statue at the New York-New York casino in Las Vegas!

That’s bad enough.  But now the sculptor is suing the US Postal Service for copyright infringement and may be entitled to royalties for every stamp sold (which comes to 4 billion).  In his lawsuit, the artist, Robert S. Davidson, claims that he “brought a new face to the iconic statue — a face which audiences found appeared more ‘fresh-faced,’ ‘sultry’ and ‘even sexier’ than the original.”  Maybe Mr. Davidson should pay a royalty for plagiarizing–if not vandalizing–the national monument!  Read about the case and compare the images after the jump. [Read more…]