"Like most Catholics, I do whatever I want"

You’ve got to see Saturday Night Live‘s take on the Vice Presidential debate.  Go to the link for the video.  Here are some excerpts:

“I’m from Janesville, Wisconsin, and he’s from Scranton, Pennsylvania,” Ryan says in the skit. “Do you know what the unemployment rate is in Scranton right now? It’s 10 percent. And I just wonder what the vice president would say to hardworking people of towns like Janesville and Scranton.”

“I guarantee you, [Janesville] is a paradise next to the burning coal heap that is Scranton, Pennsylvania,” Sudeikis’ Biden retorts. “Do you know that show, ‘The Walking Dead?’ It’d make a good tourism ad for Scranton. If you went to the lowest circle of hell, you’d still be 45 minutes outside of Scranton. I grew up there. I love it. It’s the single worst place on earth.” . . .

“Moving on, the baseball playoffs are in full swing, with four teams remaining,” McKinnon’s Raddatz says. “So, if you can, could you please speak personally about abortion?”

“I accept the teachings of the Catholic Church,” Sudeikis’ Biden responds. “But then, like most Catholics, I ignore them and do what I want.”

Go here: http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/14/snl-does-last-weeks-vice-presidential-debate/#ixzz29KUWgmds


The Vice Presidential debate

Tonight is the Vice Presidential debate between Republican Paul Ryan and Democratic incumbent Joe Biden.  Shall we live blog it, as we did with the first presidential debate?  Meet here at 9:00 ET.   I’ll start a new post for that.

In the meantime, we can talk about the upcoming debate here.  Will what the vice presidential candidates do in the debate matter?  We can expect Vice President Biden to learn from his boss’s lethargic performance and come out swinging.  But that is not always a pretty sight, especially from someone as gaffe-prone as Biden is.  Ryan is relatively untried on such a big stage.  He reportedly can get wonky, which may or may not play well.  What are your predictions?

Romney’s Vice-Presidential pick?

If we are going to do our traditional “guess the vice-president” game, we’d better hurry, since, reportedly, Mitt Romney will announce his choice before the Republican convention.

It seems to me that the conventional wisdom that the vice president doesn’t matter is wrong on several levels.  The person who holds that office has assumed the presidency quite often, not just when the president dies in office but as the heir apparent as the next party nominee.  In light of that, the casual way presidential nominees have tended to pick their running-mates seems to me to be unconscionable.  And if the office itself is “not worth a warm bucket of spit,” as one statesman described it, that is due, in part, to few of the office holders taking advantage of its potential.  The president of the Senate–that is, the person who presides over the deliberations and who can break a tie vote–could be a powerful position, especially when the body is closely divided as will probably be the case after this election.  I think, at the very least, that the conventions should nominate and elect the vice presidential candidates.

Back to our game:  In addition to guessing who Romney’s running-mate will be, I’d like to hear who you would like it to be.  That is, who would make you feel better about voting for the Romney ticket?