Hacked and attacked

This blog was down for much of the weekend due to some hacker! I prefer to think that it was some automatic spammer that detected a vulnerability in some outdated software rather than some individual person acting out of malice or antagonism. Before too much mayhem could ensue, DreamHost, the company whose server hosts us, shut everything down.

Thanks to my former student Stewart Lundy for staying up until at least 1:42 a.m. in Sunday fixing everything, which included installing all kinds of updates and extra security features. If anything like this ever happens to you, or if you need someone to work on your blog or even your computer, let Stewart take care of it via his brand-new company Bulldog Technology.

I should also put in a plug for DreamHost, which has always handled my problems quickly and with great dispatch, e-mailing me back within minutes of my pleas for help. (If you want to use them for your own web hosting, click that link and enter the promo code “cranach” and I believe you’ll get some kind of deal. It’s only $5.95 a month, with lots of freebies.)

Anyway, I never thought a hacker would attack this blog, uncontroversial as we always are.