Cowboy Christianity catching on?

Howdy, buckaroos. Howzabout we strap the saddles on the horses and mosey out to the GetReligion Ranch? In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m compensating for my lack of knowledge of cowboy culture by pretending — in an extremely awkward way — to understand the lingo. For the record, I did grow up watching [Read More...]

WPost: Faith crucial to black women! (cue crickets)

One of the news items creating buzz inside the DC Beltway this week is a national survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post exploring the lives and beliefs of African-American women. In a short feature explaining the poll’s roots and methodology, Post editors included these helpful talking points: Some of the key [Read More...]

Grappling with “life issues”

Yesterday was the annual March for Life. This is a large annual event where people come in from all over the country — and world — to march to the Supreme Court on the anniversary of the date it handed down Roe V. Wade. This has been going on for almost 40 years and it’s [Read More...]

Santorum stunner at Florida church!

One of the first things that I do with student journalists is teach them the following trick. If you are struggling with some particularly tough passage in a story, perhaps a tricky paraphrase with some complicated grammar, then it is wise to print a copy of your rough draft, walk away from the keyboard and [Read More...]

Pod people: Endorsing the chosen one

My father — a newspaper professional adapting to the digital age — considers his kids his personal information technology help desk, so we’re regularly helping him update his iPhone apps or showing him a new trick. So my parents laughed when I asked them if I could use their land line for our weekly “Crossroads” [Read More...]

Gingrich and the evangelical vote

I’m usually not very good at political prognostication but last week I told my husband that I thought Newt Gingrich would win in South Carolina. He laughed at me. Well look who’s laughing now! Actually, I have no idea who is laughing, but I do know that the entire DC political class of media and [Read More...]

Egypt’s moderate and puritanical Muslims

In recent days, some news has sputtered out of Nigeria about the horrific ongoing attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram. Many journalists have been pooh-poohing claims by the U.S. and Nigerian governments that Boko Haram is tied to al Qaeda. See, for example, this Reuters report headlined “Analysis: Nigeria’s Boko Haram ups game but no Al [Read More...]

Another Raven player, another holy ghost

OK, this is getting really, really strange. The other day, I posted a blog about Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams, a young man with a remarkable and at times tragic life story. The plot changed for the better, however, when he went to live with a relative who turned out to be an ordained minister, [Read More...]