Shocking words from an elderly Catholic priest

Anyone who follows the Catholic blogosphere knows that there was a major explosion last week sparked by some controversial — to say the least — remarks by Father Benedict Groeschel, a figure who has been much revered among conservative Catholics as an author, spiritual director, television personality and pastoral counseling professor at St. Joseph’s Seminary [Read More…]

Bishops are Republicans, Nuns are Catholic

Archbishop Timothy Dolan has been invited to give the closing prayer at this week’s Democratic Convention in Charlotte. The New York Times reports the New York cardinal will be one of matched pair of high profile Catholics to appear on the podium before the Democratic faithful, with Sister Simone Campbell of “Nuns on the Bus” [Read More…]

Define ‘Mormon prayer;’ give three examples

I realize that this is strange, but I continue to read press reports (wink, wink) containing evidence that Mitt Romney is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that this could cause him trouble with evangelical Protestant Christians. Am I alone in reading about this? I am not sure precisely [Read More…]

Akin deluge highlights media struggles with abortion coverage

A few days ago a religion reporter tweeted at us: Will @getreligion cover Todd Akin’s #legitimaterape comments & the conservative #Christian reax? Would grab new @Patheos readers, too. Now, even though we’ve been around for many years, some people are still confused about precisely what we do. We actually have a very limited focus. We [Read More…]

Catholic priest was ‘assisting’ in a gay wedding?

What we have here, in this short New York Times wedding announcement, is a dangerously vague and terribly loaded word — “assisting” — being used in a liturgical context of some kind. It’s crucial that the word “assisting” is being used in a way that directly connects it with another controversial word in this day [Read More…]

The Economist chides Catholic Church on its finances

When a story uses extra adjectives or adverbs to pretty up a story, you know something might be fishy. If the information, data and narrative can’t speak for themselves, it’s worth reexamining the piece more closely. I had that fishy feeling when I read The Economist‘s lengthy piece on the Catholic Church’s finances amidst the abuse [Read More…]

Pod People: Goofy Catholics and Mercy for Murderers

In this week’s podcast Issues Etc. host Todd Wilkin and I discussed three recent GetReligion stories: Doggie Masses offered by Inclusive Catholics in Australia, one-sided reporting on Missouri’s Amendment 2, and the parole of Michelle Martin. Todd opened the show asking why I had lambasted the coverage of the Public Prayer Amendment in Missouri in [Read More…]

The inaccurate ways we portray nuns

One of the most powerful ways we receive and process information is visually. And we don’t get too much of a chance to discuss how coverage of religion news is shaped by visual images that accompany copy. But someone sent me a link to a story and told me I had to check out the [Read More…]