WWROD: Which denominations do what well?

So, GetReligion readers, have you submitted a religion-rooted question yet to veteran scribe Richard Ostling, over at his new weblog? That would be the one called “Religion Q&A: The Ridgewood Religion Guy answers your questions” (click here for some background). Anyway, this week’s Ostling offering here at GetReligion focuses on a question that is sure [Read More…]

Yahoo! asks Robert Griffin III a rather obvious question

The big news here in Washington, D.C., (other than the mysteries of the U.S. Supreme Court) is that (a) the knee of quarterback Robert Griffin III is strained, not broken, and (b) that The Washington Post team survived another weekend covering a superstar who keeps talking about the fact that he apparently believes in a [Read More…]

The day after: The prophet John Green, revisited

It should be a quiet day on the religion-beat front, in the wake of yesterday’s nail-biters in the real world of politics. If the past repeats itself, as it often does, it will take a few days for the religion elements of the story to emerge, other than the usual “Obama won the Catholic vote [Read More…]

Boooo! One-side story praising Halloween evangelism?

It would be hard to imagine anything more controversial, in the American of 2012, than the concept that certain sinful lifestyle behaviors can lead to people being condemned by God to spend eternity in hell. For starters, this would mean that the word “sin” can be applied to behaviors other than those judged intolerant by [Read More…]

On sex: Smart black Christians vs. you know who

Brace yourselves, GetReligion readers. I am about to do something shocking. I would like to take this opportunity to offer careful praise for a Baltimore Sun story that focuses on the lives of two African-American believers who are have struggled with same-sex attractions. I say “have struggled” because the story focuses on two radically different [Read More…]

A religiously fashionista story

I love a good fashion story, especially one that taps into religion behind the inspiration for the different styles. The Associated Press recently assessed the state of style among evangelicals in Brazil, no small story for the potentially steamy topic. Strolling down the main shopping drag in this working-class Rio de Janeiro suburb, it’s not [Read More…]

Big tragedy, big money in Big Apple

Back in April, I weighed in on a claim that my former employer, The Associated Press, is “desperately seeking Pulitzers” and relaxing its news standards. I defended AP against such criticism, although I questioned my position just a little soon afterward. But today, I come to praise AP, not to bury it … In recent days, [Read More…]

So what’s the problem in Maryland pews?

Whenever you read one of those reflective essays on how The New York Times serves as a cheerleader for progressive causes — thank you, M.Z. — what you really need next is a kind of chaser to clear the journalistic palette. I cannot provide that, at the moment. Instead, let’s jump right back into the [Read More…]