That all-powerful, faith-free White House voice?

So, The New York Times ran one of those lengthy news features the other day that set out to penetrate the walls of Barack Obama’s White House and show readers what is really happening on the inside, in the halls of power that are the center of all that is important in the universe. In [Read More…]

Is God absent from the Democrats’ platform?

So I watched all of the Democratic National Convention’s first night last night and it included quite a bit of God talk. In fact, the speakers were far more likely to discuss God than at the Republican Convention — one even mentioned making the sign of the cross — even if they were also discussing [Read More…]

Specifics scarce for Muslim Jumah at the DNC

The Democratic National Convention has started in Charlotte and we’re seeing some early religion reports come in. I found this brief CNN piece helpful. It looks at who will be offering prayers at the convention and what their significance is. I came across a Charlotte Observer story about a Muslim Jumah held to coincide with the [Read More…]

Shocking words from an elderly Catholic priest

Anyone who follows the Catholic blogosphere knows that there was a major explosion last week sparked by some controversial — to say the least — remarks by Father Benedict Groeschel, a figure who has been much revered among conservative Catholics as an author, spiritual director, television personality and pastoral counseling professor at St. Joseph’s Seminary [Read More…]

Surprising twist in Pakistani Christian child’s blasphemy case

A few weeks ago, we looked at coverage of the arrest of an 11-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan on blasphemy charges. She’d been accused of burning pages of the Quran. We had discussed the slight American coverage of the story, compared to interest in English-language press elsewhere. We also noted that there was a failure [Read More…]

Blunt, messianic language about the Rev. Moon

I will be the first person to admit that I did a double-take when I saw the short, one-line New York Times front page headline — online and iPad, at this stage — for its obituary for the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Evangelist, Dies For a moment, I honestly thought that [Read More…]

Sometimes a Romney religion joke is just a joke

The last night at the Republican convention was one that included a ton of religion. While some of the networks didn’t cover all of the speeches, there were multiple testimonies from people who talked about Mitt Romney’s life as a Mormon. They gave truly interesting testimonies about how Romney had interacted with them in their [Read More…]

Helen Parmley, the Dallas diva of the divine

Anyone who knows anything about the history of religion-news coverage in the journalism marketplace knows that there used to be an age in which America’s major newspapers — the top 10 to 20 markets, mainly — all had “religion editors” whose primary duty was to produce materials for the weekly “religion pages” that were buried [Read More…]