The inaccurate ways we portray nuns

One of the most powerful ways we receive and process information is visually. And we don’t get too much of a chance to discuss how coverage of religion news is shaped by visual images that accompany copy. But someone sent me a link to a story and told me I had to check out the [Read More…]

GetReligion has moved to the Patheos universe

It didn’t take long, after the Rt. Rev. Douglas Leblanc and I started back in 2004, for people to start suggesting that this weblog needed to hook up with a larger website or online institution that was about religion or journalism or, hopefully, both. Early on, it seemed that a massive religion portal — [Read More…]

Religion NIMBYs

The Tennessean published a pretty good article from Bob Smietana over the weekend that dealt with a Muslim groups defeated mosque-permit application. The article discusses familiar themes of NIMBYism and is laced with Islamophobic sentiments from the most vocal opponents of the project: Matt Bonner, who lives in Nashville but is a member of Brentwood [Read More…]

Who’s calling who an “evangelist”?

So what do you think of when you hear or read the word “evangelist”? Perhaps it would be better to frame the question this way: “Who do you think of when hear or read the word ‘evangelist’?” I would predict that the average consumer of the news would give a simple response to the second [Read More…]

The word “United” makes a difference

Churches are such complicated things. If you look in the Associated Press Stylebook, the entry for the Churches of Christ starts like this: Approximately 18,000 independent congregations with a total U.S. membership of more than 2 million cooperate under this name. They sponsor numerous educational activities, primarily radio and television programs. Each local church is [Read More…]

Wanted: More evangelical journalists?

Several GetReligion readers (and former students) have written to let me know that there is a strange picture of me in their local newspapers. Actually, that’s an Associated Press photo with a story by reporter Rose French that was taken about six months ago, when she was researching journalism programs in Christian colleges. It appears [Read More…]

Christians on the move in China?

The growth of Christianity in non-Western cultures and societies is widely acknowledged to be one of the biggest religion stories these days. A significant subset of that story is the rapid growth of Christianity in China to a point where it is the country’s second largest religion (behind only Buddhists and ahead of Islam). The [Read More…]

Father Gushee does his thing — again

The other day I chided some conservative Episcopalians — loyal GetReligion readers, even — for being so upset about a feature story in The Washington Post about the origins of the war between conservative Anglicans at Truro Episcopal Church and The Falls Church in Northern Virginia and liberal leaders of the national Episcopal Church establishment. [Read More…]