Pod people: You will know us by the trail of scare quotes

This week’s “Crossroads” podcast with host Todd Wilken was recorded much earlier in the week. We discussed Dan Gilgoff’s departure from CNN and the lessons he learned there, the lack of coverage of the Passion 2013 conference in Atlanta last week, and that excellent New York Times story on a family forgiving their daughter’s murderer. You may listen to it here.

Here at GetReligion, my suggestion that this Passion event could have received more coverage was met with a mixed response. What could have come out of the event that was particularly newsworthy, people wondered.

Of course, that was before the event organizer was invited to give the benediction at the inauguration this year, and before comments he made in the previous century about homosexuality being a sin forced him out of that position.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post criticizing the slipshod way comments Chuck Hagel made about an enthusiastic fan of a gay group that mocks Catholicism and its clergy. The group was called “anti-Catholic” by Hagel, but we never saw the media describe it as such. Instead we saw a lot of double attribution and scare quotes. Apparently running a hunky Jesus contest on Easter Sunday isn’t anti-Catholic enough to be described as such without skepticism. In that post, I hid a tiny comment:

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