Really? Editors who don’t know about the ‘reindeer rules’?

Sorry about this, folks, but we need to take a quick glance back at a lingering “Christmas wars” story from 2013. You would think, by this time, that everyone within a light year or two of a newsroom and/or public courthouse would have heard of the whole “reindeer rules” battles linked to public officials allowing [Read More…]

Concerning plastic reindeer and ‘Merry Christmas’ rules

MARY ASKS: What happened to saying “Merry Christmas”? Is the move to saying “Happy Holidays” instead a good thing? THE GUY ANSWERS: On the hit CBS-TV drama “The Good Wife” we’re in the offices of Illinois’ governor-elect as his top aide scans a hallway and angrily barks a Yuletide order: “Holiday decorations! Not Jesus! Holiday!” [Read More…]

Accurate Holiday wars update from Santa Monica!

Oh my! We may have a Nativity Lent miracle on our hands! Trust me that I have read enough horrible “Christmas wars” stories in my journalistic life to recognize a decently reported one when I see it. I think the following Los Angeles Times story about the ongoing Santa Monica Nativity scene battles includes a [Read More…]