Warming the chair? WSJ laments the loss of the pew

It’s five minutes past the hour, and you’re late for services. The cat insisted on one last pass around your leg, and you had to extricate the lint brush from the back of the junk drawer, and in the process you found that key to the shed you’d been looking for forever. But you couldn’t [Read More…]

God, guns but not gays from The Independent

Hypocrisy pays. Reading about the foibles of the great and good, the rich and famous sells newspapers. When you have a story that combines religion and hypocrisy you can count on a nice bump in circulation. Market forces determine newspaper content. It is difficult to sell church stories to an editor. A story on the [Read More…]

The Independent rings for the Church Police

Son: (Graham Chapman, coming in the door) ‘Ello Mum. ‘Ello Dad. Klaus: (Eric Idle) ‘Ello son. S: There’s a dead bishop on the landing, dad! K: Really? Mother: (Terry Jones) Where’s it from? S: Waddya mean? M: What’s its diocese? S: Well, it looked a bit Bath and Wells-ish to me. K: (getting up and [Read More…]

The New York Times’ Conservative love affair

The New York Times may not love American conservatives, but they are certainly enamored with a British one, David Cameron. His push to introduce gay marriage in England, over the objections of the rank and file members of his party, has the paper swooning. There does not seem to be a way to keep gay [Read More…]

Channel 4 keeps it all in the Anglican family

January has been a wonderful month for lovers of Anglican ecclesiastical drama. The resignation of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury at year’s end should have led to a few month’s peace and quiet for the Church of England and the wider Anglican world. I had even thought of taking a vacation this month as [Read More…]

Not all ‘nones’ are atheists

In England and Wales, there were 37.3 million Christians in 2001, representing 72 percent of the population. In the most recent census (2011), that had dropped to 33.2 million or 59 percent of the population. Religion News Service had a brief story about this that included these graphs: Figures from the 2011 Census show the [Read More…]

On women bishops: Who voted ‘no’ and why?

To the shock of legions of mainstream reporters, the Church of England fell just short of approving the long-debated step of raising women to the Anglican episcopate. The issue that seems to have some reporters stumped, a bit, is why the laypeople who cast these votes didn’t go along with this latest evolution in Anglican [Read More…]