Grantland gets the ghosts in the Baylor football saga

Regular readers will know that I have been arguing, for quite some time now, that it’s hard to believe that anyone would try to write the story of the Baylor Bears football team, and the story of Head Coach Art Briles in particular, without getting into all of that Baptist stuff. How do you not [Read More…]

The return of Baylor football, minus all that Baptist stuff

Way back when I was in college, soon after the cooling of the earth’s crust, the always confident folks at the University of Texas (rivals in the region would use a different adjective) fired an interesting salvo at a key rival. The marketers for the Tea Sippers created a burnt orange and white car window [Read More…]

Bear QB after RGIII keeps the vague faith

As we roll through the semi-holy football season of minor bowls, I am happy to report that The Los Angeles Times team noticed that the Baylor Bears had another winning season and, apparently, are playing in some game out on the West Coast. This means that the Times needed to produce a feature story about [Read More…]

Faith, family and football for Ole Miss walk-on

When his 37-year-old mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer, a college football star steps up to care for her and his younger sisters. But what motivates the young man to put his family’s interests over his own athletic pursuits? Could it be his faith? Kudos to The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tenn., for an emotional [Read More…]

Ready, set, barf: An evangelical football feature

Grab your air-sickness bag and let’s dive right into this New York Times sports feature. The italicized phrases below are courtesy of me, not the Times: LYNCHBURG, Va. — Football is not just a sport at Liberty University, the Christian institution founded by Jerry Falwell, it is a mission. At Liberty, once a tiny Bible college [Read More…]